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Active Trails
Some of the details for the Bridger Look-off and Hansen Pond trails came from the Active Trails website (formerly http://www.activetrails.com/).

Logan Canyon Guide
Several trails are featured in the Logan Canyon National Scenic Byway Guide (http://www.logancanyon.com/), including details for Tony Grove Nature Trail.

Here and There
Some details for the Doubletop trail came from http://www.summitpost.org/. The Great Western Trail and Bonneville Shoreline Trail both have established official websites.

2023 Edition-Cache Trails
The Bridgerland Audubon Society and Cache Hikers are pleased to announce the 2023 edition of Cache Trails: A hiking guide for the trails of Cache Valley, Utah, edited by Dave Wallace and illustrated by Margaret Pettis. Last published in 2006, the guide


has been completely updated, with new illustrations and maps. Several more trails have been added, with trail data and detailed descriptions for each of the 53 designated hikes. User-friendly features now include an index, lists of "favorite hikes," elevation profiles, and GPS coordinates. With sturdy pages and rounded corners, it should be a welcome addition to any hiker's backpack.


Blue Bible

Special Thanks



Much appreciation to Kim Blanchard who introduced me to Cache Trails, donated a majority of the photographs used within the site, and organized several adventures during which the hiking trails of Logan Canyon could be futher analyzed for the purposes of this project.

Many thanks to the Bridgerland Audubon Society for approving the content of this website. It was originally created by Sarah Ohms for an assignment at USU.



Books & Pamphlets

Cache Trails
The majority of the information for the trails described on this website was taken from the best hiking trails guidebook in the county: Cache Trails: A hiking guide for the trails of the Cache Valley, Utah area, 2004 Edition, by Jim Sinclair (Bridgerland Audubon Society). Those trail details that did not come from this book, are explained below.

Cache Valley Hiking Trail Guide
Crimson Trail, Ephraim's Cut-off, Great Western Trail, Jardine Juniper, Limber Pine, Little Cottonwood Creek, Maughn Hollow, Naomi Peak, Ricks Canyon, Riverside Nature Trail, Steel Hollow, Temple Fork Sawmill, Tony Grove Nature Trail, Wind Cave, White Pine Lake, and Willow Creek trail details were also taken from Cache Valley Hiking Trail Guide, Wasatch-Cache National Forest by Cache Valley Visitors Bureau (http://www.tourcachevalley.com/).

Cache Trails
Cottonwood Canyon, Doubletop, Mill Hollow, Spring Hollow, Stump Hollow, Turkey Trail, and Worm Fence trail details were also taken from Cache Trails,1994 Edition, by John Wood (Bridgerland Audubon Society).

Biking Guides
Information for Bear Hollow, Little Bear and White Pine Creek trails was taken from Mountain Biking Utah by Gregg Bromka (Falcon Publishing) and Mountain Biking Cache Trails: A Local's Guide to Logan Area Trails by Scott Anderson (http://www.cachetrails.com/).