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Great Western Trail

Trail Length: 25 miles one way (sections are 2-10 miles)

Difficulty: Various

Trailhead: Five Trailheads: (1) Beaver Junction, (2) West Hodges Trailhead—USU Forestry Camp, (3) Temple Fork Road to Spawn Creek Trialhead, (4) Right Hand Fork Trailhead, and (5) Left Hand Fork of Blacksmith Fork Canyon

Elevation Start/Gain: See information on each trail

Route: The Great Western Trail (GWT) is comprised of trails and roads: Sink Hollow (601), Beaver Mountain Road (Hwy 243), Stump Hollow (606), Peter Sinks Road (FR 175), Turkey (054), Little Bear (010), West Hodges (FR 174), Worm Fence (142), Temple Fork Sawmill (062), Willow (056), Ricks canyon (013 and 127), Marie Springs (FR 147) Logan Peak Road (FR 052), Richards Hollow (019), Left Hand Fork (FR 245).

The GWT, "when completed, will be a collection of footpaths, roads, and OHV trails across the backcountry of the mountain states Arizona, Utah, Idaho, and Montana, extending about 3000 miles from canada to Mexico."

Visit the Great Western Trail official website for more details.

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For route details and special features, please refer to the best hiking guide in Cache Valley:

Cache Trails, 2023 Edition, edited by Dave Wallace and illustrated by Margaret Pettis (Bridgerland Audubon Society)

Available from:
- Cache Valley Visitors Bureau
- Stokes Nature Center (Providence office & Logan Canyon Nature Center
- The Book Table
- The Island Market
- The Sportsman
- The Trailhead a.k.a Campsaver.com
- USDA Forest Service, Logan District Office
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