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Double Top

Trail Number: 137

Trail Length: 4 miles one way

Difficulty: Strenuous

Trailhead: Just over a mile downstream from the White Pine Lake Trail or from Steam Mill Canyon Trail and Steep Hollow Trail, both following fairly steep deer trails to the ridge

Elevation Start/Gain: 8300 feet/1500 feet

Route: "Starting at White Pine Lake, [you may follow] a poorly defined trail. ([You] may have to bushwack on Steam Mill Hollow and Steep Hollow trails).... Once on the ridge the slope to Doubletop is relatively easy, and the terrain is open....

"Steep Hollow is the most direct route.... There is no trail in upper Steep Hollow but the ridge can be climbed anywhere. [You will] end up south of both summits where you can follow the ridge north to the top. You can also take a more straight forward route that climbs up to the notch between the two summits."

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For route details and special features, please refer to the best hiking guide in Cache Valley:

Cache Trails, 2023 Edition, edited by Dave Wallace and illustrated by Margaret Pettis (Bridgerland Audubon Society)

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