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Cottonwood Canyon

Trail Number: 048

Trail Length: 1.9 miles one way

Difficulty: Moderate

Trailhead: Follow the directions to get to the trailheads of Jardine Juniper and Blind Hollow or pass Wood Camp on Logan Canyon Road for the trailhead to Cottonwood Canyon.

Elevation Start/Gain: 5515 feet/1205 feet

Route: "Follow the directions for Jardine Juniper, Blind Hollow, or Bear Hollow to reach the ridge above Cottonwood Canyon.

"Several trails converge on the ridge, including trails to Cottonwood Springs (and Mt. Elmer), and Tony Grove via Coldwater Spring. From the ridge there are spectacular views of Cottonwood Canyon, Mt. Elmer, Mt. Jardine, and other peaks along the Bear River Range. "

According to a representative of the Wasatch-Cache Forest Service, whenever Search and Rescue crews go looking in the canyon for lost people, they start their search in Cottonwood Canyon. Be smart and don't get lost when you hike this trail.

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For route details and special features, please refer to the best hiking guide in Cache Valley:

Cache Trails, 2023 Edition, edited by Dave Wallace and illustrated by Margaret Pettis (Bridgerland Audubon Society)

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